Sunday, 20 October 2013

Popping in

just popping in to say a few words. this blog break really has been like plugging my brain into the charger. i'm about 50% charged right now. i definitely feel a reemergence of Reediculous coming in a couple weeks.

in honor of getting through january without spending a ton of money on myself, i...well i spent a ton of money on myself. i upgraded the tv in our bedroom after a long time of basically watching a computer monitor from across the room. it was time i was able to actually see what was going on.

for my valentines day treat to myself, after years of looking dreamy eyed at all her designs, i ordered a Hyla Dewitt necklace. she is offering 15% off for Valentine's Day with the code VDAY. check out her new site here.

my eyelashes are looking especially sparse right now and i think i'm blaming this new mascara that i tried. i've since thrown it away and gone back to my old staple LashBlast volume. since this revelation that my lashes were falling out, i decided i'd hit up ebay for some travel sizes of Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer. i figured i'd try it out before spending a whopping $125. have any of you tried this yet? are there any other non-Rx lash growth serums out there that i should try?

ok. i just had those couple of things on my mind and had the time to say hello. i also wanted to make the statement that i'm not gone forever and will definitely be back full throttle in march. cheers!

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