Sunday, 20 October 2013


if you've ever browsed a design blog, book, or magazine, then you've probably seen the orchid daintily complimenting a pretty vignette. how many of us have gone out and bought said beautiful flower only to have the expensive thing die in t-2 weeks?? i will be the first to tell you my thumb is far from green, but i bought myself an orchid for valentine's day and am determined to keep that thing alive and well. so i've been doing a little research and i thought i'd share with you some basic tips on caring for your exotic beauty.

my orchid lives here under my latest painting that i decided went perfectly on this wall. there is a big window to the left that is hopefully supplying enough light. if the leaves are a nice, bright green then it should be getting enough light. if they are dark green, the plant is not getting enough light, and if they turn reddish green then they are getting too much.

the most important rule for all species is to avoid direct sunlight.
your orchid should do well in a south facing window, or behind a sheer curtain to filter the harsh rays.

never let water sit on the leaves or at the base of your plant.

you should water your orchid anywhere from every 5-12 days depending on time of year, variety, and whether your plant is actively growing. i have been watering mine once a week. my MIL gave me the idea to use ice cubes to water (i use 3 half moon cubes). it provides an even amount of moisture and is really easy.

when the last bloom falls from your orchid, trim it back below the bottom flower, and just above a node.

most orchids do well in the medium in which they are purchased. you may need to re-pot if many long roots are growing out and over the sides of the pot. typically it can be a couple years before an orchid needs to be re-potted as they are slow growing plants.

i hope these tips will help you keep your orchid healthy and blooming. i think we all love fresh flowers in the home, and orchids can provide long lasting blooms for our viewing pleasure.

do you have any great orchid growing tips? how about a place to find orchids at a reasonable price? i got the one above at walmart for less than $14! do tell.

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