Saturday, 5 April 2014

Full Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow Review

Full Length Serenity Star Transitional pregnancy Pillow is made with 100% cotton so that you will get maximum relaxation. The transitional pillow includes unique features such as pillowcase and bolsters. It could be kept quite easily.


Full Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow comes with one curved pillow and two bolsters. It could be disassembled into 3 units very easily. You can unzip the U shaped pillow quite readily. The pillow will not clump under any situation and it could go through conventional washing conditions.
The curved nature of the pillow allows babies to be fed by moms in a comfy position. The measurements of the unit are 18" x 13" x 22". Its weight is 1 pound. The machine washable cotton pillow is a good strength for nursing moms. Moms can love side sleeping postures substantially by using Complete Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow. It is the pose suggested by gynecologists.

Strong support for mother and infant
The two pillows will disperse to a queen size bed
No extent for dust mites.
Hygienic filling stuff and free from scents
Strong support to neck while reading and travelling.
Can withstand repeated washing without clumpingRelives you from back pain, prevents swelling in legsSuperb design to deal with pregnant woman's strain

The size is little
Should handle attentively while washing