Sunday, 20 October 2013


y'all. i am beyond loose brained. like i need a personal assistant just to keep up with my purse. i'm really not even exaggerating. as my work load increases and i'm traveling more -- vom -- i need some help in a major way keeping organized.
so i'm asking...what are some amazing planners out there? i need plenty of writing room for each day. that is my main problem with a lot of planners. i almost need like a daily journal/planner combo..make sense? i don't even know where to start looking. and of course i want it to look awesome, le duh.

Popping in

just popping in to say a few words. this blog break really has been like plugging my brain into the charger. i'm about 50% charged right now. i definitely feel a reemergence of Reediculous coming in a couple weeks.

in honor of getting through january without spending a ton of money on myself, i...well i spent a ton of money on myself. i upgraded the tv in our bedroom after a long time of basically watching a computer monitor from across the room. it was time i was able to actually see what was going on.

for my valentines day treat to myself, after years of looking dreamy eyed at all her designs, i ordered a Hyla Dewitt necklace. she is offering 15% off for Valentine's Day with the code VDAY. check out her new site here.

my eyelashes are looking especially sparse right now and i think i'm blaming this new mascara that i tried. i've since thrown it away and gone back to my old staple LashBlast volume. since this revelation that my lashes were falling out, i decided i'd hit up ebay for some travel sizes of Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer. i figured i'd try it out before spending a whopping $125. have any of you tried this yet? are there any other non-Rx lash growth serums out there that i should try?

ok. i just had those couple of things on my mind and had the time to say hello. i also wanted to make the statement that i'm not gone forever and will definitely be back full throttle in march. cheers!

Good things

so my ultra crazy busy work time is somewhat coming to an end. i have one more week and then i'll be back to being Reediculous full time. i'm so glad i didn't do anything crazy like delete the blog altogether. so one week from today, i'll be back to regular posting. i have had several post ideas pop up in my head over the last month that i decided to be organized about it and write them down. {side note: i never ordered a planner. what month is it?}

i may have been off the blogger grid, but that doesn't mean i haven't been reading others on the reg. if you're ever in a slump, take a short break or a long one, dismiss those who are not inspiring you, and just recharge. it does a body--and mind--good.

these blogs are the highlights of my blog reading day:
TheFashionMagpie - hands down the best collection of truly curated looks including the very high and the very low. plus a simple layout and she has a fluid way with words. writing is important yall.
Day Old News - i am so glad i found DON all those years ago. i suppose i am grateful to have been in depression during awards season.
Peppermint Bliss - i mean, you just have to check out her recent home before & afters. every single room is innovative and magical. and she is hilarious.
The Perks - Katie is just the best. she loves to cook and drink, and does both well. we are also internet turned real life friends.
Comfy Cozy Couture - speaking of...Dominique, Bethany, and I met on our internet blind date back in the fall. it was love at first sight. literally. she picks me up wearing Loubs and carrying Celine. she has great taste and puts together detailed weekly wish lists that will have you clicking on every link.

see y'all next week. i've missed you.

I'm back

took a break from the blog because i was ultra sad. it is as simple as that. the imprint that a dog can leave on your life and in your heart is unprecedented. Reed is everywhere i look and i will carry him with me for the rest of my life. i still cry at least once every day, but i am functioning. i am glad to be back to blogging and i hope yall have waited it out with me. in the end, blogs are a lot more fun to write when you know people are reading.

ok. enough of that. let's talk about how women be shoppin. i'm still doing pretty good in the not spending so much money, but i have loosened the reigns a bit. remember this post? well, i can mark 3 of these items off my list.
Future Wish List

i finally bit the bullet and ordered THE sunglasses, Elizabeth & James Fairfax in tortoise. they should arrive at mi casa today. i can't wait and i hope they fit my face well.

i actually bought the Target version of the oh-so-hot L*Space fringe bikini top. i like it, but L*Space has so many unique suits right now i still have one on my wishlist. envisioning my body in a bikini makes me queasy though.

and i bought the Rebecca Minkoff mini mac a while back and i'm loving every minute of it. it may be small, but it packs a punch. i recently ordered this black and white satchel from Target after first seeing it in the store in Savannah during our road trip. then again on Devon Rachel blog. so i decided to make it mine. it really reminds me of what i deem the original "side winged" bag, the Atlantique by Reed Krakoff. am i right or am i right?


so you're up to speed on my purchases and where my heads at. i will see you tomorrow!


if you've ever browsed a design blog, book, or magazine, then you've probably seen the orchid daintily complimenting a pretty vignette. how many of us have gone out and bought said beautiful flower only to have the expensive thing die in t-2 weeks?? i will be the first to tell you my thumb is far from green, but i bought myself an orchid for valentine's day and am determined to keep that thing alive and well. so i've been doing a little research and i thought i'd share with you some basic tips on caring for your exotic beauty.

my orchid lives here under my latest painting that i decided went perfectly on this wall. there is a big window to the left that is hopefully supplying enough light. if the leaves are a nice, bright green then it should be getting enough light. if they are dark green, the plant is not getting enough light, and if they turn reddish green then they are getting too much.

the most important rule for all species is to avoid direct sunlight.
your orchid should do well in a south facing window, or behind a sheer curtain to filter the harsh rays.

never let water sit on the leaves or at the base of your plant.

you should water your orchid anywhere from every 5-12 days depending on time of year, variety, and whether your plant is actively growing. i have been watering mine once a week. my MIL gave me the idea to use ice cubes to water (i use 3 half moon cubes). it provides an even amount of moisture and is really easy.

when the last bloom falls from your orchid, trim it back below the bottom flower, and just above a node.

most orchids do well in the medium in which they are purchased. you may need to re-pot if many long roots are growing out and over the sides of the pot. typically it can be a couple years before an orchid needs to be re-potted as they are slow growing plants.

i hope these tips will help you keep your orchid healthy and blooming. i think we all love fresh flowers in the home, and orchids can provide long lasting blooms for our viewing pleasure.

do you have any great orchid growing tips? how about a place to find orchids at a reasonable price? i got the one above at walmart for less than $14! do tell.

Flared up

this post was planned for yesterday, but the intense wind is playing tricks with our internet connection...anyway.

flares are making a huge comeback. i can feel it. i know we all still have a pair or two in our closets. these images will have you dusting them off fa sho.

Kate Davidson Hudson solidifies her position as one of my favorites with this classic look at NYFW13. navy + peacoat + flares + that long very blonde hair = perfection.

Kacie of Kacie's Kloset combines colored denim with flares. that scallop hem top hits at just the right spot to make this an uber flattering look on almost anyone.

Rosie can basically do no wrong. short tweed and loooong legs looks pulled together and still casual.

speaking of casual cool, Gwyneth makes me want to toss my skinnys out the window with this lighter wash and relaxed fit blazer.

so who's wearing their flares out to dinner tomorrow night? do tell.
here are some of my current favorites.