Sunday, 20 October 2013

Good things

so my ultra crazy busy work time is somewhat coming to an end. i have one more week and then i'll be back to being Reediculous full time. i'm so glad i didn't do anything crazy like delete the blog altogether. so one week from today, i'll be back to regular posting. i have had several post ideas pop up in my head over the last month that i decided to be organized about it and write them down. {side note: i never ordered a planner. what month is it?}

i may have been off the blogger grid, but that doesn't mean i haven't been reading others on the reg. if you're ever in a slump, take a short break or a long one, dismiss those who are not inspiring you, and just recharge. it does a body--and mind--good.

these blogs are the highlights of my blog reading day:
TheFashionMagpie - hands down the best collection of truly curated looks including the very high and the very low. plus a simple layout and she has a fluid way with words. writing is important yall.
Day Old News - i am so glad i found DON all those years ago. i suppose i am grateful to have been in depression during awards season.
Peppermint Bliss - i mean, you just have to check out her recent home before & afters. every single room is innovative and magical. and she is hilarious.
The Perks - Katie is just the best. she loves to cook and drink, and does both well. we are also internet turned real life friends.
Comfy Cozy Couture - speaking of...Dominique, Bethany, and I met on our internet blind date back in the fall. it was love at first sight. literally. she picks me up wearing Loubs and carrying Celine. she has great taste and puts together detailed weekly wish lists that will have you clicking on every link.

see y'all next week. i've missed you.

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