Friday 9 September 2016

Etisalat Data Plan 2016

Who wants to get the latest Etisalat data plans and bundles? Here on lifeisreediculous, i want to share with you, the latest Etisalat data plans and Bundles for the 2017/18 Year. This includes the latest and working etisalat data plan for modem

etisalat data plan for modem

This is the Etisalat Data Plan for Smartphones

plan monthly cost(N) activation code
(sms to 8183)
activtion code
500MB 500 smarta *229*2*11#
1.5GB 1,000 smartb *229*2*22#
3.5GB 2,000 smartc *229*2*44#
6.5GB 3,500 smartd *229*2*33#
8GB 8,000 smarte *229*2*55#

Etisalat Blackberry Data Plans For Modems

blackberry plan
plan data price(N) *voice
non-voice SMS to 399
blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM® monthly 260MB 1000 *599*2# MLITE
weekly 70MB 350 *599*2*1# WLITE
daily 10MB 70 *599*2*2# DLITE
blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM® monthly 500MB 1500 *599*3# MMID
weekly 125MB 550 *599*3*1# WMID
daily 15MB 100 *599*3*2# DMID
blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM® monthly 1536MB 3000 *599*4# MMAX
weekly 360MB 1100 *599*8# WMAX
daily 50MB 200 *599*7# DMAX
blackberry plan
plan duration *voice opt-in non-voice opt-in price (₦)
blackberry absolute monthly *499*1# *399*1# 1500
weekly *499*6# *399*6# 550
daily *499*5# *399*5# 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*2# *369*3# 1500
blackberry complete monthly *499*3# SMS COM to 399 1000
weekly *499*3*1# SMS COW to 399 500
daily *499*3*2# SMS COD to 399 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*1# *369*4# 1000

Monday 15 February 2016

Steps by Steps Guide on How to Retrieve your Lost JAMB Registration Number

This has been one of the most general puzzle every JAMB student faces, we usually get a lot of complains concerning their Jamb Registration Number, they have one question and that is I lost my Jamb Reg. No, how can I retrieve it back?

So today, we want to however, assure all the currents students of the Jamb 2016 Utme Examination that we have successful made a way to retrieve your Jamb Registration Number when it get lost.

Most people are kind of confuse, what do they use this Number for? That is simple, the answer is that Jamb Reg. No can can used to check your JAMB result.

So if you are among the few that has lost or forgotten their Registration Number, we have implemented a way that can be used to retrieved it upon validation of PIN and Serial Number with surname, firstname or middle name, Date of Birth and State of Origin etc.

The steps are:-

  • You are required to goto the Jamb Reg. Number Portal here.
  • Now, you can go ahead and enter your Jamb Registration card PIN and Serial Number.
  • After which you can proceed by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Building Home Gym Cheap

Owning a home gym might be a sweet dream for fitness enthusiast all the time. A home gym can give you more privacy, convenience,freedom and so on.If you want to know more benefits and advantages of a home gym,please read this post “Top 4 benefits and advantages of home gym” on my website.
But it’s not a dream any more now.

A lot of people used to think that they must invest thousands of dollars to build the perfect home gym.But in fact ,buying some key pieces of equipment can make a home gym that has all-round functions at a limited budget.You can create a home gym without spending too much money.Now let me tell you how to finish it step by step.

Exercise DVDs

It’s an effective and cheap method to exercise with exercise DVDs.You don’t need to spend a large sum of money to hire a personal trainer.They make workout at home in a proper way.You are given various cardio and strength exercises approaches.If you are lucky and chary,you can buy 5~10 DVDs under 30 dollars.The used ones are much cheaper than that.

Cardio Equipments

Cardio equipment is something you must have in your home gym.When choosing what to buy,you should take some key factors into consideration.

  • What’s your fitness goal? 
  • Do you like heavy or light intensity?
  • How about your physical status and how much intensity can you stand?
  • What kind of sport do you like best?

Figure out these questions and combine the answers with the features of different equipment to make the last decision.

Sunday 1 June 2014

Baby Strollers - Ultimate Reviews

One thing that is important to remember when running with a best double stroller is your kid should be at least six months aged. It is ok till they're older to simply take them no jogging, although for a trip, therefore any hitting or jarring won't damage them.

One feature that is most significant is mobility, although you can find several different types of baby strollers, in the umbrella stroller to the running stroller. Of choosing a stroller the problem appears when you've got to trade one characteristic because all carriages aren't created equal! And even though this site is mainly about the stroller that is running it is not unimportant to know what's available to you and your fam and all sorts.

Baby strollers' characteristics
The umbrella stroller is easy, and lightweight, small to carry, simply like an umbrella. It takes very little room up and may be kept virtually anywhere. The problem with such a stroller is relaxation. The Umbrella might be good for short excursions to the store, but for something longer this is not really a good choice for your kid.

Universal Car Seat Carrier Strollers:
Universal Car Seat Carrier Strollers This stroller is since it is merely a metal framework with stroller wheels that you could clip an infant car seat different. Universal carseat carriers will work with most recognized brands of car Chairs. The trouble here is that once your child is past the baby stage you'll still need to purchase another stroller.

Saturday 5 April 2014

Full Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow Review

Full Length Serenity Star Transitional pregnancy Pillow is made with 100% cotton so that you will get maximum relaxation. The transitional pillow includes unique features such as pillowcase and bolsters. It could be kept quite easily.


Full Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow comes with one curved pillow and two bolsters. It could be disassembled into 3 units very easily. You can unzip the U shaped pillow quite readily. The pillow will not clump under any situation and it could go through conventional washing conditions.
The curved nature of the pillow allows babies to be fed by moms in a comfy position. The measurements of the unit are 18" x 13" x 22". Its weight is 1 pound. The machine washable cotton pillow is a good strength for nursing moms. Moms can love side sleeping postures substantially by using Complete Length Serenity Star Transitional Pillow. It is the pose suggested by gynecologists.

Strong support for mother and infant
The two pillows will disperse to a queen size bed
No extent for dust mites.
Hygienic filling stuff and free from scents
Strong support to neck while reading and travelling.
Can withstand repeated washing without clumpingRelives you from back pain, prevents swelling in legsSuperb design to deal with pregnant woman's strain

The size is little
Should handle attentively while washing

Sunday 20 October 2013


y'all. i am beyond loose brained. like i need a personal assistant just to keep up with my purse. i'm really not even exaggerating. as my work load increases and i'm traveling more -- vom -- i need some help in a major way keeping organized.
so i'm asking...what are some amazing planners out there? i need plenty of writing room for each day. that is my main problem with a lot of planners. i almost need like a daily journal/planner combo..make sense? i don't even know where to start looking. and of course i want it to look awesome, le duh.

Popping in

just popping in to say a few words. this blog break really has been like plugging my brain into the charger. i'm about 50% charged right now. i definitely feel a reemergence of Reediculous coming in a couple weeks.

in honor of getting through january without spending a ton of money on myself, i...well i spent a ton of money on myself. i upgraded the tv in our bedroom after a long time of basically watching a computer monitor from across the room. it was time i was able to actually see what was going on.

for my valentines day treat to myself, after years of looking dreamy eyed at all her designs, i ordered a Hyla Dewitt necklace. she is offering 15% off for Valentine's Day with the code VDAY. check out her new site here.

my eyelashes are looking especially sparse right now and i think i'm blaming this new mascara that i tried. i've since thrown it away and gone back to my old staple LashBlast volume. since this revelation that my lashes were falling out, i decided i'd hit up ebay for some travel sizes of Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer. i figured i'd try it out before spending a whopping $125. have any of you tried this yet? are there any other non-Rx lash growth serums out there that i should try?

ok. i just had those couple of things on my mind and had the time to say hello. i also wanted to make the statement that i'm not gone forever and will definitely be back full throttle in march. cheers!